The Calorie Shifting Diet Difference

Have you heard about the revolutionary new calorie shifting diet that’s taking the weight loss industry by storm? You may have heard of it as the diet that allows you to eat what you want and not starve yourself, and yet produces amazing weight loss results. There have certainly been a fair few skeptics about this diet, myself included, but the results speak for themselves and I have been blown away. Don’t let me get ahead of myself though, I’ll just explain how it all works and then you can gauge the calorie shifting diet for yourself and see if it’s the right fit for you.

The Calorie Shifting Diet

How Is The Calorie Shifting Diet Different?

I’m sure you’ve attempted a fair few starvation diets in your time, or diets that get you to eat weird things like only beans or only meat. While these diets tend to produce results really quickly, they tend to slow down very quickly as well. Ultimately, when I try these diets I tend to get discouraged and give up after a while. Worst of all, the weight seems to come back so much easier than it went off. That’s why the calorie shifting diet was a breath of fresh air to me, because it didn’t force me to starve myself or eat weird foods.

The calorie shifting diet works by “tricking” your body into processing more calories. The diet goes a totally different way than normal diets that have the unfortunate side effect of lowering your metabolism. You see, when you eat less, your body naturally goes into “starvation” mode and processes less calories eventually. That means that your body is in semi-shutdown, leading to bad moods, headaches, and a general feeling of tiredness. So not only are you not losing weight after a while because your body has adapted to the reduced intake of food, you feel horrible and aren’t in the right frame of mind to maintain discipline in your diet. It’s no wonder that you binge eat and stack on the pounds later on!

Why The Calorie Shifting Diet Is So Effective

By “shifting” your calories around using set meal plans, your body actually ends up processing more calories which leads to the fat being burned off consistently. You are literally training up your body to burn off the fat, and all you have to do is to follow a certain fixed meal plan 11 days out of every 2 weeks. How simple is that?

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The Calorie Shifting Diet

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